Logos Italian Greyhounds
I adore Italian Greyhounds. I am an IG snob and have devoted nearly two decades of my life to protecting the breed and educating others about their special qualities.  My dogs enrich my life with their love, faithfulness, antics, and bed warming abilities.  The care and breeding of them is expensive and time-consuming, but anything worth having is worth working for. 
The word  "Logos" is Greek for "The Word" which is found in John 1:1. All of my dogs have Biblically inspired names which is a way I can witness to the world my absolute love and trust in my Heavenly Father.
My kingdom is a 40 acre mountain here in Knoxville where I have my dogs, Belted Galloway, five miniature donkeys, and a large and entertaining flock of wild turkeys. 
Breeding philosophy
I breed only to improve the health and conformation of Italian Greyhounds. I do not take Visa. I do not take Mastercard. I do not take Paypal. I do not post photos of individual newborn pups online or peddle puppy flesh.  If you are interested in a puppy, you will be required to fill out a puppy questionnaire and I may even require your firstborn or a pint of blood.  I will require that a contract be signed which reads that any dog that cannot be kept for any reason must come back home to me.  I am responsible for what I breed from birth to grave. 

--Sherry Phillips
Logos Italian Greyhounds